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EV Charger

Tesla Wall Connector

The most convenient place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Plug in when you get home and let your car charge while you sleep. You no longer need to take trips to the pump with a gas-powered vehicle, and you can utilize low overnight utility pricing during off-peak hours, saving both time and money.

Ocular EV Charger

Ocular is driving sustainable innovation in EV charging for households, businesses and fleet operators.

Ocular technology is focused on ease of use, clear information for the user and total control for commercial applications. We use metallic casing to ensure your charger looks as good as it works.

With the Ocular range we allow you to choose the solution that fits best from a simple home charger to our superfast DC charger. Our range is specifically designed for easy installation, less hassle to get charging sooner!

Wallbox EV Charger

Wallbox Pulsar Max is our newest smart home charger, designed to make everyday electric vehicle charging easier than ever. Pulsar Max retains the advanced performance of the Pulsar family, while introducing more ways to save, a new easy-to-install design and your choice of six color options. Pulsar Max works seamlessy with all Wallbox Energy Management Solutions, including solar charging.


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